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Callton YoungCallton Young OBE – Chair of Governors

I became Chair of Governors at St Giles in 2015 after serving for a year on the Full Board and its finance committee.

I am a retired Senior Civil Servant with extensive experience of policy development, people and project management, and networking to deliver corporate outcomes. I have a BA honours degree in politics and am passionate about the provision of good quality learning for others to enhance personal fulfilment and maximise life chances.

Since retiring I have endeavoured to give something back to my local community. I chair two local charities, one with a small independent day school, and am an active member of Croydon Council’s Stronger Communities Partnership Board among other things. Making an additional commitment to serve at St Giles was an easy decision for me because I strongly believe that good schools are the heart and soul of good communities. We all want the best for our children – and St Giles turns that aspiration into a reality.

I am married with three children. I enjoy travelling, playing tennis and am passionate about promoting a fairer society with equal opportunities for all.

KenKen Morcombe – Community Governor

Chair of the Assessments & Standards  Committee.
I am retired, married, with 3 adult children and 7 grandchildren of whom 4 are of school age. I am a science graduate and before retirement had a wide experience of management in a large commercial organization. Since retirement I have been involved in a broad variety of voluntary work and I am a very keen hiker involved in running a walking group.

I have been a governor at St Giles, with one small gap, for about 15 years. I am much involved in the life of the school acting as a volunteer one day a week in addition to attending as a governor. I am passionate about the importance of good education and the achievements of the pupils of St Giles.

Sue Appleton – Community Governor

I have been a Community Governor at St Giles for about 2 years, having started in Autumn 2013 when I took early retirement from the Metropolitan Police Service. I had been a member of the Civil staff for 31 years mostly working in Forensics, a really interesting and rewarding field of Police work. For 20 years I was a Scenes of Crime Officer, attending crime scenes looking for ” clues “, and for the last 9 years I was the Manager of the Forensics Dept at various Boroughs across London, my last being Croydon. My career in the Police Service taught me a lot about dealing with people from all walks of life who are often distraught at finding themselves victims of a crime, as well as how to manage my own staff and get the best from them.

Now I am retired, I have the time to give to the role of Governor, and I have a particular interest in Personnel and Safeguarding matters. I have also been able to volunteer at the school one morning a week, mainly helping with Maths classes, I thoroughly enjoy being a classroom assistant, and it has enabled me to really get to know the School, the Staff , and of course the Students. I was one of those lucky people that loved school, and I hope that my enthusiasm for learning rubs off on the Students I help each week.

I am married, with no children but 3 lovely cats. I enjoy gardening and travelling, and I particularly love Italy. Indeed , I have been learning Italian for the last 10 years, and I live in hope of being able to speak it fluently one day !

Mike Swadling – Local Authority Governor

I have been a local authority governor at St Giles since 2006. In theory this means I was appointed by Croydon Council, in practice I signed up to be a governor via the School Governor One Stop Shop and my details were sent to a number of schools of which St Giles came back to me first. I didn’t have any knowledge of St Giles before becoming a governor here and had very little knowledge of the whole SEN sector. I have learnt a lot about the needs of SEN pupils in that time, but I always believe St Giles should be as much like any other school as possible.

I decided to get involved in school governance having spent a number of years working with schools through community programmes through my employers. I wanted to become a governor to help contribute to my community, also to feel I do something more than shout at the telly when Question Time is on!

My background is in Banking and IT and whilst it should be somewhat different from education, from a governance perspective working with budgets, staffing, and ensuring the right frameworks are in place it is extremely similar. School Governors are drawn from a range of backgrounds, and not being part of the education sector, can be an advantage to look at challenges and opportunities facing the school in fresh way. As a governor I have chaired all the committees of the school, sat on recruitment panels and spent 2 years as Chair of Governors.

Kathleen Shields – Community Governor

I became a Governor at St Giles in October 2017. I am a pupil barrister, and I hope to specialise in criminal and employment law.

Before training as a lawyer I qualified as a teacher: I taught English and French in a secondary school in Leeds. I enjoy working with young people and wanted to be involved with education after I left the classroom, so I decided to become a governor through the School Governor One Stop Shop system. I believe all children should be well-served by their school and given support to fulfil their potential. Being part of St Giles’ governing body is a way for me to help achieve this goal and to give back to my community.

I enjoy travelling, cooking, and going to concerts. I also love to go hiking whenever I am outside of London.

Beverley Hayllar – Community Governor

I have taught for twenty years, initially as a history teacher but then head of sixth form in a SEN School, setting up work experience and travel training programmes for my students. We ran a cafe ‘The Beach Hut’ which generated money for the group and which was used to buy equipment of their choice ( TV, karaoke machine, playstation etc) and for days out.

I am a passionate football fan and my team is Arsenal. I also steward at Twickenham, luckily watching all of the World Cup matches.

I love going to the cinema, to see bands and concerts and to the theatre and am in a book club.

Paul Thirkettle – Parent Governor

I have been a parent governor at St Giles’ School since 2015.   I took on this role as I was intrigued to find out how the school runs behind the scenes.   My professional background is in Hospitality and Catering where I qualified as a professional Chef in 2007.  I have worked in various types of restaurants from bistro pubs to fine dining and have done quite a few banquets in my time!  My favourite cuisine is Italian.  As well as cooking, I have also worked as a youth worker for Croydon Council.  I found helping the young people in my community very enjoyable and rewarding.  I am married with 2 children, one of whom is currently in a Primary Class at St Giles’.   I enjoy playing rugby and am currently the 2nd Team Captain at my local Rugby Club. 

Isolyn IsaacsIsolyn Isaacs – Staff Governor

I became a staff governor at St Giles in December 2015.  Having been a teaching assistant at the school for the past three years, I not only had a desire to see the school and its students succeed but to also ensure the staff are well represented.  This is why I applied to be a school governor.

In addition to my experience as a TA Level 2, I also have a diploma as a legal secretary and can therefore bring a range of teaching and non-teaching related experiences to the school and Board of Governors.

St Giles is a school filled with staff and governors who are caring, compassionate and committed to seeing the school excel.  I am happy to be a part of the staff and school governors at St Giles and will work towards making a positive contribution.


Full Governing Body Details

Full Name Category Positions Term of Office (Yrs) Date of appt End of term Committee Bus. Interests Governor at another establishment Relationship to employee Voting Rights of Assoc Members
Sue Appleton Co-opted Achievement & Standards 4 01/10/2014 30/09/2018 Achievement & Standards None N/A None N/A
Beverley Hayller Co-opted  Achievement & Standards 4 18/10/2017 17/10/2018 Achievements & Standards None N/A None N/A
Neal Fraser Parent Resources 4 13/07/2016 13/07/2020 Resources Occasional plumbing jobs for school N/A None N/A
Caroline Horgan Co-opted Achievement & Standards 4 01/10/2014 30/09/2018 Achievement & Standards None N/A None N/A
Kathleen Shields Co-opted  Resources 4 18/10/2017  17/10/2018 Resources  None N/A  None  N/A
Virginia Marshall Headteacher Headteacher   01/01/2012   All None N/A None N/A
Ken Morcombe Co-opted Chair of Achievement &
Standards Committee; Equalities Governor
4 01/10/2014 30/09/2018 Achievement & Standards None N/A None N/A
Michael Swadling LA Appointed Deputy Chair,
Chair of Resources
4 06/02/2010 05/02/2018 Resources, Strategy None Yes None N/A
Callton Young Co-opted Chair of Governors
Chair of Strategy Committee
4 01/10/2014 30/09/2018 Chair of Governors (Ex-officio member of all committees) None N/A None N/A
Paul Thirkettle Parent Achievement & Standards 4 02/12/2015 01/12/2019 Achievement & Standards None N/A None N/A
Naledi McCarthy-Ocansey Parent Achievement & Standards 4 15/04/2016 01/12/2020 Achievement & Standards None N/A None N/A
Isolyn Isaccs Staff Member Achievement & Standards 4 01/02/2016 31/01/2019 Achievement & Standards None N/A None N/A
Knowshin Kanis Parent Resources 4 15/4/2016 15/4/2020 Resources None N/A None N/A

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