Pupil Premium

St Giles School Pupil premium grant expenditure:
Report to governors: 2018/2019

What is Pupil Premium?


Pupil Premium was introduced by the Government to provide additional funding to address the gap in educational attainment and long term economic well-being between socially disadvantaged children and young people compared to their peers.

Primary pupils who are currently eligible for free school meals or have been eligible in the past 6 years will attract £1,320 and secondary pupils will attract £935.



Principles for supporting socially disadvantaged pupils:
38% of pupils at St Giles qualify for the Pupil Premium. The pupils are in every class and across the ability range. St Giles is a specialist school and all our pupils have learning difficulties, with additional physical disabilities, medical needs or complex speech and language difficulties.

At St Giles we want every pupil to make as much progress as they possibly can – academically, socially and emotionally. Due to the wide range of learning difficulties and disabilities a high level of differentiation and personalised learning is required. This demands a very high level of staffing, well qualified and up to date staff, and specialist resources.

All of our funding, including the Pupil Premium, is used highly effectively to ensure that no child is disadvantaged and that all make good progress. Analysis of our data shows that this is the case.

Additionally, we use our school fund to support disadvantaged pupils to be able to attend a residential school journey to take part in outdoor and adventurous activities as well as developing independence skills.

A well planned INSET and staff meeting programme is in place to increase teacher and support staff skills linked to a focussed School Development Plan. This ensures staff develop the specialist skills to meet the individual needs of all our pupils.


Number of pupils on roll 99
Number of Pupils eligible for FSM 29 FSM

9 EVER 6

Total amount of Pupil Premium 2017-2018





Provision Approximate cost
Family Support Advisor to offer a range of support to vulnerable children and their families and to support transition £33,304.00


Access support  – an experienced member of staff works with pupils, staff and therapists across the school to ensure all pupils have specialist equipment in place to support their access to the curriculum £2,429.59
ELSA – supporting mental health and emotional literacy to enable pupils to access learning £13,198.00


Music Therapy – to support early communication and mental health £8,287.50
Staff Training Days

19th October – Mental health and wellbeing yoga for pupils with complex needs


Total £57,719.09


Summary of spending and actions taken:
Our Family Support Advisor supports families to access services and out of school activities. Many of the parents most in need of this service have children who attract the pupil premium. Because of increased need this is now a full time post.

Physical disability can be a real barrier to learning. Our Access coordinator works with pupils and staff to find solutions to access problems. This could be a high tech joystick, key board or switch or a low tech symbol stand.

Many of our pupils also have emotional needs, and our ELSA – Emotional Literacy Support Assistant – runs sessions with identified pupils to support them through short term or long term issues. This has particularly helped pupils moving on from St Giles and helped them to develop strategies to cope with their anxieties about change and loss.

Music therapy is a particularly valuable for pupils who are at very early stages of communication and who respond particularly well to music. Children begin to be more proactive, to engage with others and, most importantly, to enjoy learning.

Every year we identify focus areas to further develop our skills so that each child is enabled to make maximum progress. This year we are introducing  strategies to support emotional literacy and well being in the classroom. This is especially important for our pupils who are coping daily with pain or who are starting to question why they have a disability.

We always spend over our pupil premium on additional support for our pupils to ensure that all our pupils can achieve their very best.



Measuring the Impact of Pupil Premium Funding
Analysis of Progress Data in September 2018 showed that pupils at all levels of ability make good and outstanding progress, academic, physically and emotionally. We track progress during the year and put interventions into place for children making less than expected progress. Analysis also shows that there are no significant differences between groups of children and pupils who attract the Pupil Premium payment make the same if not better progress as the remainder of the pupils.

This demonstrates that all our funding, including the Pupil Premium, enables all pupils at St Giles to make good and outstanding progress.


Date of next review:  July 2018


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