Schools Links

Schools Links

St Giles is part of the Valley Teaching Alliance and works with a group of local mainstream primary and secondary schools to share and develop good practice.

St Giles has a number of well-established links with Primary and Secondary schools in Croydon.  Pupils from the school take part in events and activities specially planned to promote inclusion and raise self-esteem for all pupils involved.  We are keen to promote disability awareness and challenge perceptions.

Events this year have included:

  • Green class singing in the Primary Choir at Fairfield Halls with hundreds of mainstream pupils
  • The Brit School working with secondary pupils to prepare for their summer show
  • Inclusion sessions at Regina Coeli for a Year 1 pupil
  • John Fisher students helping with sports day
  • Pupils from Riddlesdown, St Giles and Priory working together to represent Croydon in the Panathlon competition
  • Pupils from Chipstead Valley invited to the primary Bollywood day

3 June 2020

Dear Parents and Carers,

I am writing to let you know about the plans for gradually expanding the number of learners accessing school sessions on our site.

As a special school, the Government has asked us to give priority to;

1. learners who most need on-site provision to support their life chances and development e.g. to reinstate routines and parents are struggling with engagement with learning.

2. learners approaching key transition points e.g., transition to another educational setting,

Additionally, we remain ready to prioritise learners who are experiencing urgent safeguarding or medical issues that necessitate some support at school.

The school site has been prepared to enable learners and staff to socially distance. This means that:

• the number of school places available has been significantly reduced.

• learning areas have been cleared so that surfaces can be regularly cleaned,

• learners will not always have their class teacher present, but there will be a familiar adult wherever possible,

• group sizes will be very small and school sessions will be offered on a rota basis to enable as many learners as possible to benefit from them.

Where learners are unable to socially distance, staff are currently following updated Care Home guidance and wearing PPE. Staff are being trained in the correct use of PPE. We are risk assessing our site, our learners and staff. We are following a cautious, gradual expansion of school sessions and will frequently review our practice with parents, governors, our colleagues in Health and our staff team.

School transport tell us that they will be able to provide a service for pupils and are able to provide PPE for their staff.

We will continue to provide all learners with activities and add resources and videos to our website. We are expanding our online learning sessions for pupils and online EHC meetings. We will also continue to maintain regular contact with you and update you about school and any further changes to the guidance we have received.

Best wishes,

Kathy Lewis - Headteacher