We are thrilled that St Giles has been awarded an Artsmark Platinum Award

The Artsmark panel made the following comment about our submission:

As a result of the rich, creative and multi-sensory curriculum that you have developed to meet the individual and specific needs of your pupils, you have not only enabled your pupils to successfully express themselves artistically and creatively, but ensured that their successes are recognised and celebrated through a range of accreditation systems and processes. The panel were impressed by your school’s firm, and sustained, commitment to the teaching of the arts, and the development of your partnerships with nationally recognised arts and cultural organisations during your Artsmark journey. The school’s collaboration with Tate Modern, for example, was evidently successful in allowing your pupils to overcome the challenges they face and make exceptional achievement in the arts. As a consequence of your innovative inclusion, your pupils are able to overcome barriers and access authentic creative experiences. The panel looks forward to hearing of the further impact of your action research projects, and your advocacy role in developing pedagogy in a wide range of settings.

Congratulations on your Artsmark Platinum Award!

Arts Council England celebrates your ongoing commitment to arts and cultural education at a governing body level, and the opportunities stretching your whole setting. Your children and young people are offered equal opportunity to influence, lead, experience and evaluate a broad range of high-quality arts and cultural activities across a wide range of media, and you contribute to development opportunities in these areas for your staff and others that make a difference in these areas. You have strong partnerships with arts and cultural organisations and other settings, and can evidence the long-lasting positive impact of this collaboration. Your children and young people have an opportunity to continually develop their knowledge, skills and understanding of arts and culture, and you are working to become an opinion former and further progress the leadership role you have established.

Please click on attached link for further information:  https://www.anewdirection.org.uk/blog/st-giles-schools-journey-to-artsmark-platinum

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