The Special School Nursing Service are part of Croydon’s Children’s Hospital at Home Team.

The team provides health care services to children with special needs in Croydon through training, care planning and assessment alongside clinical care. St Giles School has 3 nurses and 2 HCAs on site on a daily basis. Your child’s care needs will be met at school by the nurses, health care assistants or trained class staff depending on their need. This may include administering prescribed medication, suctioning, gastrostomy and tracheostomy care, catheterisation and epilepsy management.

The service ensures that your child’s healthcare needs are met at school contributing to Education, Health and Care Plans, risk assessments and training. All education staff trained to carry out healthcare interventions have attended general training sessions and undertaken individual competency assessments with the nurses. All staff are reviewed on a termly basis to ensure the delivery of high quality, evidence based care.

The team work as part of a larger multi-agency network to support children with complex needs. They offer specialist clinics at the school including; Dietetic support, Paediatrician reviews, Continence management and multi-disciplinary support for children with complex feeding.

Recognised as an outstanding area of practice by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) in 2015;

“The special school nursing team provides a dynamic, organised and well led service with multi-agency working that ensures the child is at the center of decision making and involved in their care.”