Designed for Maximum Progress

Pupils at St Giles have a wide range of abilities and needs, and the curriculum is designed to enable all pupils to make maximum progress throughout their time in school.   All pupils have access to the full breadth of the EYFS and the National Curriculum, differentiated to meet their needs. All pupils leave with accreditation at the highest level they can attain, GCSE, Entry Level, ASDAN and AQA unit awards across a wide range of subjects.

We are committed to the principle of equality of opportunity.  Professionals work together to ensure that everything is in place for each pupil to access all activities. This might include specialist communication aids, computer access, mobility equipment, furniture and learning materials.

All pupils have individual next steps targets linked to their Statement or Education, Health and Care Plan.

Teaching groups are small, from 6 to 10 pupils and staffed by a teacher and from 2 to 5 assistants dependent on need. Class staff work closely with the therapists and therapy plans are integrated into the school day.