Schools Links

Schools Links

St Giles is part of the Valley Teaching Alliance and works with a group of local mainstream primary and secondary schools to share and develop good practice.  It is also an active member of the Specialist Learning Partnership, a partnership of South London specialist settings that share moderation and curriculum development activities.

St Giles has a number of well-established links with Primary and Secondary schools in Croydon.  Pupils from the school take part in events and activities specially planned to promote inclusion and raise self-esteem for all pupils involved.  We are keen to promote disability awareness and challenge perceptions.

Events this year have included:

  • Green class singing in the Primary Choir at Fairfield Halls with hundreds of mainstream pupils
  • The Brit School working with secondary pupils to prepare for their summer show
  • Inclusion sessions at Regina Coeli for a Year 1 pupil
  • John Fisher students helping with sports day
  • Pupils from Riddlesdown, St Giles and Priory working together to represent Croydon in the Panathlon competition
  • Pupils from Chipstead Valley invited to the primary Bollywood day

Dear Parents and Carers,

I would like to introduce myself as the Interim Headteacher at St Giles School for the summer term. As many of you will be aware I am also the Principal at Addington Valley Academy and have been asked by the Governing Body and Local Authority to support leadership during this transition period.

It is important to start by recognising the hard work and dedication of my predecessor, Kathy Lewis. I know that many of you will have developed excellent relations with her and St Giles benefitted from her leadership. The school was very important to Kathy and I can see why. Over my first week, the welcome from staff and the students has been generous. I feel privileged to be here and promise that the core values of the school will continue to be nurtured, developed and respected.

Already, I have enjoyed watching an inspirational movie made by one of the students, been invited to a class tea, joined in the coronation assemblies and observed band practice at lunchtime. What shines through is the dedication of the staff and the kindness at the heart of this school community. I am humbled by observing the resilience of your children.

I hope that over this term we get the chance to meet but if you need anything, then please do not hesitate to contact us in the normal ways.

With very best wishes

John Reilly

Interim Headteacher