Governing Body

The St Giles Governing Body

The role of your Governors

Your Governors are responsible for all aspects of the School’s performance.

We need to set the strategic direction of the School, ensure that its budget is used in the most effect way and that the School provides a safe, healthy, enjoyable, stimulating environment that enables its pupils to progress to the best of their ability.

Our duties include ensuring that all legal requirements are met, sound policies and procedures are in place, that the curriculum and its means of delivery are appropriate, that funds are soundly spent, that staff are properly performance managed and rewarded and that health and safety standards are met. We check on the performance of the school in its  activities by an extensive schedule of monitoring.

Our Head Teacher, Kathy Lewis (who is herself a governor) is responsible for the implementation of the agreed policies and procedures. Our aim is to be challenging but supportive in our relationship with the Head Teacher and her team.

How is the Governing Body Organised?

Under our constitution there are 13 governors. There are 4 different categories of governor in set proportions:-

  • 3 Parent Governors elected by parents.
  • 1 Staff Governor elected by their colleagues.
  • 1 Governor appointed by the Local Authority
  • The Headteacher
  • 7 co-opted Governors appointed by the Governors.

The whole Governing Body meets at least once per term and delegates some business to the following committees which also meet each term:-

  • Resources (encompasses Personnel, Finance & Estates)
  • Achievement & Standards
  • Strategy

What Skills and Knowledge do we bring to the management of the School?

We are lucky to have governors who come from a wide range of backgrounds bringing skills and knowledge from, for instance, management, commerce, government, finance IT, Personnel and of course education.

How can you find out more?

Minutes of all formal meetings of the governors and the sub committees are available through the School Office. You can contact governors via the school office or directly during school functions such as parent evenings. We are always very happy to receive feedback, comments, queries and suggestions or  for you to raise any issues or concerns with us.