Special Educational Needs (SEN) and Inclusion

SEN & Inclusion

We support Croydon Local Authority’s policy that the special educational needs of most pupils can be met in mainstream schools but that some pupils can only benefit from the expertise, skills and services that are available within a specialist school environment such as ours.

To ensure that all pupils receive the broadest possible educational opportunities, the school has developed a policy of linking with mainstream schools and colleges across the entire age range. Mainstream integration is discussed, where appropriate, as part of a pupil’s Annual Review of Special Educational Needs.

Individual school links for a variety of purposes are considered: curriculum enhancement; social integration; personal enrichment; towards full time mainstream placement. These links may be with schools near to St Giles, or within the neighbourhood of the child’s home. Whole-class links are set up, which involve students from the link school also visiting St Giles for lessons. Individuals from mainstream schools may have a link with St Giles, temporarily, following surgery, or with future full time placement at St Giles as an aim.

St Giles also arranges links on a regular basis with the other special schools in Croydon, for activities such as swimming, and for assessment to ensure that provision for a child is appropriate.

As a school we take part in a wide range of events involving mainstream schools, such as the Croydon Music Festival and Croydon Sports Partnership activities.

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